The PEAK Board is a unifying platform that will become your single most effective planning tool for your operation.

PEAK Board

The PEAK (Planning, Execution, Allocation, Knowledge) Board was designed to integrate with your current timeclock management system, to allow for an interactive, real-time view of currently active employees. This system allows us to custom design the boards for your specific operation and eliminate the inherent guess work when it comes to real time labor planning and operations execution.


Platform Design

This specific example of the PEAK Board, was designed for high volume ecommerce fulfillment and eliminated the loss in productivity that occurs with you do not have an exact headcount in each of the departments. This interactive board also solved the problem that occurs when the client needs to move employees from one department to another (to maximize departmental balance and throughput) by tracking proper cross training for each employee and quickly identifying how to best fill the balancing needs of the operation.

This platform has the flexibility to be used to track large volume assets (employees, equipment, work crews) within a single facility or over several job sites.

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