Please take a minute to review some of our most frequently asked questions and answers about our PEAK Board software solution.

The PEAK (Planning, Execution, Allocation, Knowledge) Board is a tool designed for increasing visibility on assets, whether that means employees, equipment, or clients. The PEAK Board is a flexible platform for reducing the time necessary to plan and allocate, leaving you more time to execute your procedures with the added knowledge provided by the board.

Nothing! Well, almost. Your PEAK Boards are custom designed to fit your operation, and can be run on any computer with internet access. We can host the software locally at your facility, or run a 100% cloud based solution depending on your needs.

No. The platform scales from a single board to as many as you’d like. The boards can be interconnected or standalone.

If your company does any kind of planning or scheduling, you can use the PEAK Board. The PEAK Board platform is extremely flexible, and guarantees improvements to your operation. Ask for a demonstration, or just reach out and contact us.

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